Tales of the Ducktales

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 022 - “Launchpad’s First Crash”

Finally, the return NO ONE demanded: Season Three of “Tales of the Ducktales”! Are you brave enough to finish this? Don’t complain! At least it’s shorter for you! Take it from me: never promise to finish something unless you know what you’re getting in to…

 Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 021 - “Magica’s Shadow War”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Special Anniversary Episode with guest host, Lauren Lapkus (http://www.laurenlapkus.com/)!  I wanted a very important guest to celebrate a year of me wasting my life with this, so I forced Lauren to do it after she was exhausted from a day of hard, actual career, work.  Thanks to everyone who has watched/reblogged/shared this so far; here’s to the next four years it takes me to finish it!

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 19 - “The Status Seekers”

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 018 - “Bermuda Triangle Tangle”

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 017 - “Top Duck”

In this episode, we learn pigs CAN’T fly and see the return of a fan favorite character.

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 016 - “Scroogerello”

Been awhile, but Season Two is upon us.  Please, enjoy this as much as I did begrudgingly editing it and not sleeping.  Back to cleaning my gun!

Not a question. Just a comment. LOVE the use of the Ducktales NES game for your background. First video game I ever beat!

Thanks!  I must have played through that game a million times.  That, and Bionic Commando.  Fun fact: the last boss in that game is a resurrected Hitler!


Probably Dawson: the hometown of Scrooge’s girlfriend, Goldie!  Just kidding, nothing Duck Tales related.  Probably South America.  Thanks, Robot!

Tales of the Ducktales - Episode 015 - “Jungle Duck”